I help you!

Irina Olkhovskaya - clairvoyant, master of traditional medicine, an expert on traditional systems of healing, the healer of the International category, member of the homeopaths, a member of the Academy of the occult sciences, member of international conferences, author of traditional medicine.

Experience of over 15 years, alternating Pilgrims travel, is developing and improving their skills, restores spiritual balance. My commandment, "Do no harm, but to help the man."

Techniques used in my work, individual, matched with all the basic features of the system to work with each person. The first thing I recommend you do to heal is to discard the belief that the disease is not curable. It can be cured! With his spiritual healing gift, faith in God and prayer, helps a person to regain the lost health.

I am the author of medical treatments in the following areas:
  • treatment of female infertility
  • recovery of potency
  • treatment of cancer patients
  • tsvetomassazh for nervous and mental diseases, stress